corrosions of traveled daydreams

by a death cinematic



Released by: tycho magnetic anomalies:

"There is a sense of wonder and despair to the post apocalyptic soundtrack that A Death Cinematic is slowly unleashing on the world, one release at a time, and Corrosions Of Traveled Daydreams just might be the most realized vehicle for that vision (and the album was quite literally born to be on tape). Even without lyrics, Corrosions Of Traveled Daydreams tells multiple stories of peoples and places and things that have left only their ruins behind them. The whole presentation of the album is a work of art that hearkens back to a recently bygone era bringing the tangible aspects of opening and exploring and listening to the record together again."


It’s no big secret that I have long been a champion for the creations of A Death Cinematic, and it seems to have become a biannual occurrence that I would find myself sitting down to my desk to write on yet another exquisite release from his own imprint, Simple Box Construction. While for many artists, at this point I would be struggling to find anything new to say and perhaps trying to push off new releases to other writers in a frustrated effort to welcome a new perception, every arrival of a new creation from this specific project immediately inspires me and welcomes into my imagination a different territory of a familiar world — one whose ultimately definitive characteristics have remained partially distorted to me. Despite that slightly blurred psychic vision, it’s hard not to be inspired. After all, this is an artist that consistently puts forth an effort that is unheard of in our underground where so many simply resort to a facile “DIY” procedure such as a handstamped / one-color screen-printed cover and spray-painted CD-R, and I shouldn’t need to go into detail as to why these releases are different from A Death Cinematic’s after our extensive coverage of his releases. Every new work is a representation of something that has quickly become lost in our modern era: the tradition of craftsmanship. These are creations in every sense of the word, and made by hands that are all too familiar with the necessity for pinpoint accuracy.
Sage, Heathen Harvest


released March 15, 2013

sounds improvised, played, recorded, mixed and engineered by: A DEATH CINEMATIC
all design, layout, packaging, photography and artwork by: SIMPLE BOX CONSTRUCTION
hand assembled for tycho magnetic anomalies by: SIMPLE BOX CONSTRUCTION



all rights reserved


a death cinematic Michigan

a death cinematic is a solo guitar noise, sounds of sadness, drone, broken down apocalyptic melody maker and sole proprietor of simple box construction. simple box construction is a diy and art-house label and press specializing in exclusive handmade and limited edition visual and musical releases for a death cinematic. a death cinematic and simple box construction are an extremely DIY endeavor. ... more

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